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Hearing aids work by enhancing the sounds around you to make them louder and clearer. Modern digital hearing aids are designed to identify and amplify speech rather than background noise. So with the right advice and prescription most people find they can hear well again in most if not all situations.

If you have had a hearing test and it showed that you would benefit from wearing hearing aids, one of our qualified audiology professionals will explain the range of aids suitable for you, your hearing loss and your budget. Technological advancements mean that hearing aids are now smaller than ever. Our customers often tell us that friends and family can’t tell they’re wearing one – in fact they find it’s actually more noticeable to keep asking people to repeat themselves than it is to wear hearing aids.

Hearing aids are programmed to your needs

Whatever digital hearing aid you choose it will be programmed, or tuned, to your individual hearing requirements. Hearing aids incorporate different technologies to help you in many difficult-to-hear situations. For example, helping you hear family and friends more clearly at a restaurant or family gathering, hearing your phone ring and hearing voices over the phone clearly or hearing the television at a volume which is also comfortable for your family. Your audiology professional will discuss which features in our hearing aids will best suit you and your listening needs.

Hearing loss naturally occurs in both ears, so helping both ears will mean you can hear more clearly. That’s why we give you two hearing aids, programmed to work together.